Services and prices!

  Value services

Hand wash: Using a 3 bucket method, microfiber mitts, grit guards, and deionized water, we wash your car to a Spot free shine everytime. tire shine included.- 55.00 


Super basic cleaning: Exterior decontamination wash, interior refresh,  vacuum, and tire shine.  $100

(estimate required not all vehicles qualify)

Touch up: Exterior decontamination wash, interior dust, interior polish, carpet and upholstery shampoo,vacuum, door jamb detail, glass, tire shine. $175


Full interior detail: using steam, brushes, picks, towels, compressed air, foam scrubbers, sponges, polishes, degreasers, and protectants. We scrub EVERYTHING, and then we polish and protect it afterward. If you have leather/vinyl it will receive our three stage leather rejuvenation process. If you have carpet/cloth it will receive a full steam cleaning using the latest in hot water extraction encapsulation, or steam cleaning technology. Starting at 225.00


Exterior detail: all exterior details include a full decontamination wash, wheel and tire detail, aluminum polish, chrome polish, trim rejuvenation, clay bar treatment, and tire shine, plus your choice of machine polishing/compounding. (starting at $250.00)



****Exterior prices vary drastically from vehicle to vehicle A personalized estimate is required for all exterior packages.****


     Full service packages


Full detail: our cosmetic vehicle restoration comes in many different varieties, all of them include interior reconditioning.  the prices start at 450.00

Our single stage is a polishing compound in the middle of the abrasive scale, great for a regularly garaged and well kept vehicle. **note this method will not adequately correct  light swirl marks, or "wash lines". 

Our 2 stage exterior treatment is great for an equally well maintained vehicle that sees a bit more weather. It includes a spot compounding and a medium abrasive machine polish. **note this method will only adequately correct vey light swirl marks, or "wash lines". 

Our 3 stage exterior treatment includes a heavy compound, a medium abrasive polish, and jeweling for gloss. All polishes are machine burnished in using state of the art automotive polishers. **note this method will adequately correct approximately 70% of light swirl marks, or "wash lines".