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Cosmetic colored ppf

Its Not Vinyl, Its Protection! 7.5 mil Colored Film
FlexiShield Cosmetic PPF

Sometimes you don’t need to make the impossible choice between flawless paint and driving in style. With colored PPF, instantly transform the look of a car with one of our amazing tones while also protecting it from all kinds of road hazards. With special attention paid to the brilliance of each color while retaining the integrity of its polyurethane construction, FlexiShield cuts no corners in the production of this film. Don’t accept the flimsy feel and mottled texture of vinyl wraps when you can have the strong, dependable advantages of paint protection film.


Sophisticated technology provides a dense top coat with a beautiful crystal-clear finish that never yellows or cracks, effectively safeguarding any vehicle’s paint from common scratches, road debris and other hazards.

Whether the entire vehicle is being wrapped or just specific elements, a new color and some additional gloss will make it look brand new. Skip all the detailing and enjoy an upgraded appearance immediately.

The ability to heal is an advanced feature inside the film’s coating due to thermoplastic polyurethane, a flexible layer that can self-heal once damage occurs. Common scratches and abrasions can be averted with this easy solution.

The anti-stain measures in the film come from polyurethane dispersion, a self-cross-linking technology that resists hard water, acid rain, and solvents across the surface of materials like paint protection film.

Self-Healing Coating * Improved Gloss * Stain Resistance * Warranty

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